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Mississauga doesn’t need to be a Bedroom Community of Toronto

Josephine Bau
Candidate, Mississauga Ward 4 Councillor


Mississauga is a great city but many of our grown kids rush every weekend to Toronto for a better social life. They yearn to move there almost as soon as their last academic year is over! What is it that Toronto has which Mississauga doesn’t?

I advocate for a stronger finance and controlled development. Mississauga is the 6th largest city of Canada, not a “suburb”. We are unique and resourceful.


Mississauga will be a smart, vibrant, and SAFE city supported by an exemplary infrastructure of roadways, hospitals, schools, parks, and recreation complexes, wherein citizens enjoy EQUAL opportunities to growth and the best quality of life.

If elected, community safety and poverty of youth and seniors would be my topmost priorities. Many young people fall prey to a life of guns and gangs. Adding more cops to night shift is one way but a band aid solution if we don’t solve the root causes of youth crime and homelessness.

Healthy, safe and clean neighbourhoods
Address traffic gridlock
Innovative affordable housing solutions
Friendlier property tax and zoning system to bolster economic activities
Economic fair share from the federal and provincial governments for health, education and social services
Strengthen community engagement and communication with residents

I came to Canada in 1976 and have been living in Mississauga since 1988. I studied at University of Windsor and George Brown College.  My early experiences as a new immigrant fostered in me the determination to advocate for diversity and inclusion and to help newcomers, especially women and children. I received six awards and honors from Ontario, Mississauga and community organizations for my outstanding leadership in community building and long-term commitment to volunteerism (21 years).
As a former government strategic planning specialist and a longstanding volunteer of United Way, I am connected to government policies and social issues. My career path covered university, school boards, and government.

Vote for me on October 22. Let’s build a stronger Mississauga for now and the future!

Josephine Bau
Candidate, Mississauga Ward 4 Councillor
4049 Rolling Valley Dr., Mississauga, ON L5L 2K7
Facebook, LinkedIn & WeChat: Josephine Bau