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New Breakthroughs in Bio-energy Biomimetic Technology Guarantee Global Food Safety

The organic combination of bioenergy and biomimetic technology can promote the healthy growth of crops. Under the leadership of Zhang Jizhong, Senior Researcher, Chief Expert of International Non-traditional Breeding Technology, Eco-Agriculture Committee, International Organization for Ecological Security Cooperation, Shanghai QingjiBiotechnology Team has breakthroughs in botany and biology for many years, focusing on the two fields of bio-field and bio-band, and found that the unique magnetic field and wave related to biology are unique to the healthy growth of crops. Shanghai Qingjihas also successfully developed the “Allele Biowave Seed Supporting and Energy Transfer Equipment”.

Picture: Senior Researcher Zhang Jizhong doing Test and Analysisin Laboratory

By utilizing modern scientific means, this technology completes the bionic technology of collecting magnetic fields and waves from specific organisms. Resonance is generated by the oscillation frequency of specific biological field and wave, which activates and restores the decaying active factors of plants, restores the original insect-resistant and disease-resistant functions of plants themselves, and makes crops grow healthily and upright. Bioenergy generated by specific biological field and wave oscillation frequency is transferred to crops by resonance principle to realize original ecological growth and yield increase of crops. Researchers from the Agricultural Product Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas (Zhengzhou) and the Biomedical and Life Sciences Laboratory of Keiser University in US evaluated the wheat tested in August 2017 through the bioenergy medical equipment certified by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA). This technology has been applied to wheat, rice and maize in some areas of East and northeast China. It is proposed to build an expert workstation of energy science in ecological agriculture and establish an international academician of ecological life safety science to guide the planting base.

It is reported that the academician studio of the International Academy of Ecology and Life Safety (Ecology and Life Protection) of UN intends to list it as a foreign technology exchange project in the near future.