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Why China can control the coronavirus while America cannot?

Xiaoming Guo 郭晓明


It depends on who is running the government.


The US government is mostly run by lawyers. The Chinese government is mostly run by engineers.

Lawyers can mobilize people and resources with plausible arguments. They can select facts to build a case so to win the ballots.

Engineers are professional to make things happen as planned.

The second-largest group of US politicians is from businessmen, such as Trump.

The second-largest group of Chinese politicians is from the civil service.

Businessmen will like to take risks. High risks bring in high profits.

Civil servicemen are professional to get things done.

It is the politicians who make decisions about how to deal with the pandemic. In America, it is the lawyers and businessmen to decide how to deal with the coronavirus. In China, it is the engineers and civil servicemen to decide how to deal with the coronavirus.

Things are more complicated and other factors affect the results too. But the persons who are in the circle of decision-making is the key. They make policies. Professional background is only one of the attributes of the persons and other backgrounds also play a role.

However, one thing is certain that different political systems filter different professionals into the state decision-making circle.

The American political system favors who says better and the Chinese political system favors who get things done.

Businessmen are good at selling his products and his idea. Lawyers are good at convincing the jury. Engineers are good at guaranteeing a planned result. Civil servicemen are good at executing a policy. Businessmen and lawyers are good at talking. Engineers and civic servicemen are good at getting things done.

For an American politician, rhetoric is the most important thing. It is not what he does and done, not what he says, but how he says it. Even Trump lies repeatedly and handles the coronavirus into a disaster, he may be reelected by his rhetoric. China, on the other hand, already demoted some officials for their mishandling the coronavirus.

American politics is about talking or campaign. Rhetoric is the king.

Chinese politics is about responsibility. Achievement is the king.