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Global Media Representatives Gather in Chengdu for Collaborative Symposium

Chengdu, Sichuan, China – October 24, 2023 – Manyu Liang、Shaoren Gou, Canada & World Report – High-ranking members and directors of the World Association of Chinese Mass Media (WACMM) embarked on a mission of international collaboration as they visited Zhongyuan Lianchuang International Trading Co. Ltd in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. This company is related to YUEMIN LLC in the United States. The symposium and dinner, hosted by Liujun Jiang, Chairman of the World Foundation of Chinese Mass Media (WFCMM) and Chairman of the American Chamber of International Industrial Investment, YUEMIN LLC, and Zhongyuan Lianchuang International Trading Co. Ltd, aimed to strengthen ties and stimulate cooperative efforts between these two influential entities.

Chairman Liujun Jiang expressed his warm welcome to the esteemed guests, emphasizing the significance of this gathering in enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation. He underscored the pivotal concept of “resource sharing, mutual assistance, and development,” highlighting the potential for both the Association and the Foundation to progress faster and more effectively by working together.

The Chairman extended special appreciation to Chinese media representatives from around the world, recognizing their exceptional role in facilitating international economic exchanges through their deep insights into politics, economy, culture, and more. He also conveyed his expectations for the World Foundation of Chinese Mass Media to collaborate with entrepreneurial members from diverse countries who share corporate brand awareness, thereby promoting integrated development.

Mr. Jiang detailed the diverse business sectors of YUEMIN LLC, the American company he founded. These sectors encompass power, energy, and municipal infrastructure construction, international industrial fund investments, culture, media, international exhibitions, education technology, and international bulk trade of agricultural products. Subsidiaries and offices have been strategically positioned in North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and other locations, engaging in international import and export trade of agricultural products across 14 categories.

Liujun Jiang,Chairman of  WFCMM

The symposium provided a platform for the media community to gain insights into YUEMIN LLC’s business operations, laying the groundwork for potential global collaborations in international commodity trading and financial fund investments, among other fields.

Kent Wu, Vice Chairman of WACMM and Publisher of Las Vegas Chinese News, expressed his gratitude to Chairman Liujun Jiang for shedding light on YUEMIN LLC’s endeavors. Wu praised the vital role of Chinese media in bridging economic exchanges between American companies and countries worldwide and assured the commitment of Chinese media outlets to provide reliable and effective information through professional journalism.

Kent Wu, Vice Chairman of WACMM

The World Association of Chinese Mass Media (WACMM) and the World Foundation of Chinese Mass Media (WFCMM) are both registered non-profit organizations. WACMM was established in Toronto in 1998 and has expanded its network to include over 160 Chinese media members across 60+ countries and regions worldwide. WFCMM, founded in Toronto in 2005, primarily unites global brand companies, maintains communication with the news media, promotes corporate products’ market entry, and establishes corporate brands.

The gathering witnessed the participation of 20 guests from WACMM, representing 21 media companies from 14 countries and regions:

  1. Las Vegas Chinese News, United States
  2. China Daily, United States
  3. Chinese Radio Seattle (1150AM), United States
  4. AACNTV, United States
  5. Seattle Chinese Radio (1540AM), United States
  6. Washington Chinese TV, United States
  7. Chinese American Post, United States
  8. Chinese Radio Vancouver, Canada
  9. Huayi Media News, Canada
  10. Panda Editorial, Venezuela
  11. Australia United Times Media Group, Australia
  12. Creek Reporter China, Greece
  13. Euro Chinese Daily, Romania
  14. QW Italy, Italy
  15. Japan-China Business News, Japan
  16. Nan Hua Times, Taiwan
  17. Macao Satellite TV Station, Macao
  18. Dolon TV, Kyrgyzstan
  19. Le Journal Madafrique-Chine, Madagascar
  20. Fiji Daily, Fiji
  21. Nanfei365, South Africa

These media companies play a vital role in facilitating communication and understanding within the global Chinese community while promoting economic exchanges between their home countries and the rest of the world.

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