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Lyall Sanders: Mayor for the People and Champion of TTC

Dr. Shaoren Gou

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Lyall Sanders, a dedicated candidate with a genuine passion for serving the people of Toronto, is emerging as a strong contender in the upcoming mayoral election. Born and raised in the city, Sanders’ commitment to assisting others and his deep connection to his First Nations heritage set him apart as a candidate focused on the needs of the community.

Outside of his campaign home office

Throughout his life, Sanders has been driven by a desire to help those around him. From teaching a wide range of subjects, including ESL/IELTS, Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics, to providing small business advice and touring as a musician, he has consistently prioritized the well-being of others. Sanders’ diverse professional background, which includes roles in customer support, computer system management, lecturing on First Nations issues, writing for newspapers and the internet, yoga teaching, recording engineering, and even driving a school bus, has equipped him with a unique understanding of the challenges faced by Toronto’s residents.

Sanders’ unwavering commitment to supporting those in need has been a cornerstone of his career and personal life. With a genuine desire to assist others, Sanders has consistently demonstrated his dedication to making a positive impact in his community. “People always come to me for help, and I am always happy to assist them, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds,” Sanders affirmed. His belief in the inherent equality of all individuals underpins his approach to serving the community.

Pulling Votes in the Neighborhood

One particular aspect that resonates with Sanders is the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). He is an ardent supporter of the TTC and holds deep respect for the bus drivers who go above and beyond to provide exceptional service. Sanders has witnessed instances where drivers have displayed remarkable kindness, such as waiting a few extra seconds for elderly passengers to board and offering assistance with routing information. To ensure that these commendable acts of service are recognized, Sanders regularly contacts the TTC, making two to three calls per week to express his appreciation for outstanding drivers. By doing so, he aims to foster a culture of excellence within the TTC and ensure that drivers’ dedication to passenger satisfaction is acknowledged.

Sanders firmly believes that the TTC plays a crucial role in Toronto’s identity and community. He sees drivers who treat each bus ride as an exciting journey, warmly greeting passengers with a “Welcome to the TTC” and providing updates on the route, including any potential delays, as the epitome of exceptional service. These drivers contribute to making the overall riding experience enjoyable for all passengers.

However, Sanders envisions an even greater potential for the TTC to benefit the city. Recognizing the importance of encouraging tourism, he proposes making public transportation within Toronto free of charge. Sanders argues that offering free transit would attract more visitors, particularly from the United States, who can take advantage of the favorable exchange rate. By positioning Toronto as a city where transportation is accessible to all without financial burdens, Sanders believes tourism would flourish, benefitting local businesses and boosting the city’s economy.

As the mayoral race gains momentum, Lyall Sanders’ commitment to serving the people of Toronto and championing the TTC shines through. With his diverse background, genuine concern for the well-being of residents, and unwavering support for the TTC, Sanders presents himself as a strong candidate dedicated to making positive changes in the city he proudly calls home. Should he be elected mayor, his vision for a thriving Toronto would encompass a TTC that continues to provide exceptional service while exploring innovative ideas, such as free public transportation, to benefit the entire community.

Toronto residents have eagerly embraced Sander’s campaign, drawn to his sincerity and his understanding of the city’s diverse needs. Sanders’ platform extends beyond the TTC, encompassing key issues such as fiscal responsibility, affordable housing, school safety, transportation, property tax reduction, and inclusivity for all.
His commitment to fiscal responsibility centers around ensuring that taxpayer money is utilized effectively and efficiently. Sanders emphasizes the importance of obtaining the best value for the city when entering into contracts and maintaining essential programs and services. He believes that by prioritizing responsible financial management, Toronto can thrive and meet the needs of its residents without burdening them with unnecessary expenses.

Addressing the housing affordability crisis is another significant aspect of Sanders’ platform. He aims to make homeownership within reach for everyone in Toronto by repurposing buildings to create affordable housing options that can be purchased, not just rented. By focusing on housing accessibility, Sanders envisions a more equitable and inclusive Toronto.

Transportation is an area of great concern for Sanders, and his support for the TTC is just one aspect of his comprehensive transportation plan. He advocates for making public transportation free for all residents. Sanders outlines 11 compelling reasons why this initiative would benefit the city as a whole, including reduced traffic congestion, improved environmental sustainability, increased tourism, and enhanced accessibility for low-income individuals and families.

Inclusivity is a fundamental aspect of Sanders’ vision for Toronto. He aims to celebrate and support the city’s diversity by fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and represented. Sanders believes that by embracing diversity and promoting equal opportunities for all residents, Toronto can thrive as a united and prosperous city.

Lyall Sanders:… because I’m like you.

At Lively Debate for Toronto’s Mayoral By-Election, May 27, 2023

As the mayoral race unfolds, Lyall Sanders’ dedication to the people of Toronto and his comprehensive platform addressing key issues make him a formidable candidate. With his diverse background, genuine concern for the well-being of residents, and unwavering support for the TTC and other vital areas, Sanders presents himself as a viable option for positive change and progress in the city he calls home. Toronto residents have the opportunity to elect a mayor who will prioritize their needs, foster inclusivity, and shape a bright future for the city they love.

LIVE Concert and mayoral Press Conference.

Photos by Shaoren Gou