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Peter Handjis: Make the Canadian Version of the American Dream a Reality

Dr. Shaoren Gou

World Chinese Media

Peter Handjis, a dedicated community volunteer and successful businessman, is running for the position of Toronto Mayor with the vision of restoring balance, equity, and unity within the city. Handjis, who has been actively involved in various volunteer activities over the past two decades, aims to create a city where all residents can achieve the Canadian version of the American dream.

Peter Handjis:I would like to restore balance and equity for all residents of the city

At Lively Debate for Toronto’s Mayoral By-Election, May 27, 2023

With a wealth of experience in underwriting and managing construction projects, renovations, and real estate ventures, Handjis has demonstrated his leadership and organizational skills. His businesses have employed up to 450 individuals, and he has successfully managed them with efficiency and integrity, always striving for excellence.

Now, in early retirement, Handjis is driven to give back to his city and address the issues he believes have hindered Toronto’s progress. Dissatisfied with the current state of affairs, he aims to restore balance, equity, and a sense of pride among all residents. His goal is to put unity back into the community and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to realize their dreams.

Handjis’s philanthropic efforts have primarily focused on helping individuals who have lost their way due to struggles with addiction, including drugs, alcohol, and gambling. He has been actively involved with several nonprofit organizations, offering his time and resources to support those in need. Handjis believes that every individual deserves a helping hand and aims to create a more caring and inclusive city for all.

Serving The Community

When asked why he is running for Toronto Mayor, Handjis emphasizes his conviction, heartfelt dedication, and determination to work tirelessly for the betterment of every citizen. He envisions a Toronto that stands apart from other municipalities, a city that becomes a beacon of envy and admiration throughout North America.

Handjis recognizes the need for transparency and accountability within City Council, acknowledging that many residents feel disconnected from civic operations. He aims to address this concern and ensure that all residents’ voices are heard and their concerns are understood. By actively engaging with the public, he intends to foster a sense of community and make residents feel supported in their day-to-day lives.

The main issues facing Toronto residents, according to Handjis, include a lack of transparency from City Council, a sense of being punished by civic operations, and a biased distribution of capital investments among the city’s communities. Residents also express frustration with the impact of recent policies on small to medium-sized businesses, reduced on-street parking spaces, public safety concerns, and the shortage of affordable housing options.

Regarding public transit, Handjis advocates for a comprehensive re-evaluation and a renewed commitment to building reliable and efficient infrastructure. He emphasizes the need for subway expansions, such as the Sheppard Line, and prioritizes the importance of dependable, consistent public transit for all residents.

Handjis places a high priority on public safety and aims to address the homelessness issue in Toronto. He plans to work with city officials to relocate the homeless population from streets and parks to dedicated shelter spaces. By providing assistance tailored to individuals’ needs and focusing on rehabilitation and support, Handjis aims to reduce homelessness and improve public safety across the city. He also aims to enhance community policing efforts and attract investment dollars for tourism, manufacturing, and entertainment sectors.

In his bid for Toronto Mayor, Peter Handjis brings a genuine commitment to the well-being of the city and its residents. With his visionary ideas, dedication to community input, and focus on addressing pressing issues, Handjis strives to make the Canadian version of the American dream a reality for all Toronto citizens.