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All countries should be allies on climate change

Xiaoming Guo 郭晓明


The columnist Brian Lilley wrote an article “Guilbeault wants China as ally, serves as adviser to Beijing” on August 16, 2023, at Toronto Sun, attacking Canadian policy on climate change.

Steven Guilbeault is the Minister of Environment and Climate Change. Toronto Sun belongs to Postmedia Network, a media conglomerate controlled by Chatham Asset Management, the US media conglomerate. Therefore, the article is a foreign influence trying to manipulate Canadian public opinions and change Canadian government policies.

Lilley labelled China as “coal-powered”. He is lying. China is the leader in the world in increasing the share of non-fossil fuels in its total energyChina installed renewable energy capacity in 2022 ten times as much as Canada.

Climate Change is a global issue and needs cooperation from all countries. China is a significant player in climate change because it is the engine of the world economy today and has 23% of the world’s population.

Lilley wrote that Guilbeault is also currently listed as Executive Vice Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the  China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development. Lilley attackes Guilbeault and claimed that Guilbeault is the enemy of Canadians. Lilley is picturing China as an enemy of Canada. As a columnist for the US media conglomerate, Lilley is fanning hate between Canada and China. He is serving the agenda of the military-industrial complex, voicing war propaganda against China.

The Sino-Canadian relationship is at its historical low point, thanks to the propaganda of Postmedia Network, the US media conglomerate. But Canada and China are not in a war. Canada and China still have trade with each other and still have a diplomatic relationship. If Canada can have an embassy in Beijing, certainly Canada can cooperate with China on climate change.  Guilbeault, as the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, has the duty to carry out Canadian policy on climate change and that makes him not the enemy of Canadians but of the military-industrial complex. The military-industrial complex would like conflicts and confrontations among every country so they can profit from the wars and tensions. Every cooperation between countries will hurt the profit of the military-industrial complex.

For a shared future of mankind, let Canada have healthy cooperation with all other countries including China, and let Canada cooperate with other countries on climate change and other fields.