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The US national security dilemma

Xiaoming Guo 郭晓明


Q: How should the US handle the boundary between national security concerns and trade and economic cooperation with China?


The highest national security is no enemy. Making friends with China can achieve both national security concerns and economic cooperation with China.

No conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation should be the Sino-American relationship.

Endorse the vision of a Shared Future for Mankind. Working toward the goal that all countries in the world are friends and have a common interest, there will be maximum security for the US and for the world.

If we rank countries by some matrix, there will be always one country at the top. We cannot eliminate the country that is at the top because after eliminating the top one, the second one becomes the top. Struggling to sit at the top is futile. History tells us. The UK was once the hegemony. To keep the UK at the top, Britain fight Germany. The result? The US become the top. The same will be true. If the US tries to prevent China from becoming the top and having a war with China, both the US and China will be weakened and Russia or Europe will replace the US at the top position.

Who will be at the top is a false proposition. The real solution for cooperating with China and maintaining national security is to construct a multi-polar world so that the country at the top cannot and will not abuse its power. Isn’t it the democratic ideal? Isn’t it the idea of checks and balances? Why we should allow the country at the top can abuse its power? Why should we want to maintain an unipolar world?

Working with China, Europe, and Russia to formulate a multi-polar world. Or just enact cooperation within the Permanent Security Council of the UN so the present international institutions can function in the multi-polar world structure. This is a low-cost national security solution. The world will be at peace when every country feels secure. Trying to maintain the US hegemony and keeping to abused its hegemony power doom the US.