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China will never fall

Xiaoming Guo for Waterloo


China will never fall. China is the hope and future of Human Being.

China belongs to Chinese People. If a dynasty serves the people right, it will rise. If a dynasty exploits the people, it will fall. However, China is always there, not rising, and not falling.

Dynasty in China is not like the empire in Europe. In Europe, an empire fell, and the empire was gone. Rome fell, and then Rome was gone. Athens fell, and then Athens was gone. After the Great British fell, we have America, Canada, Australia, India, etc.

China, on the other hand, never falls. When Qing Dynasty fell in 1911, China was there. After Mongolia conquered China, China was still there. After Manchuria conquered China, China was still there. After the Britain defeated China in 1840, China was still there.

China is there no just as a geological area; it is there with the people, the culture, and the values. It is there as a civilization that never falls.

The reason is that Chinese civilization is the Humanist Civilization. If the Human population is there, China is there. China exists independent from any individual, be it be Jesus, Moses, Mohammad, Mao, Dong, Alexander, or Trump.

As Chinese say: The one who wins the hearts of the people rules the China. Every ruler in China has to serve the Haven, and the Haven is the People. Whatever the People prefer, that’s the rule of the Haven.

Mencius said 2,300 years ago: The People first, the country second, and the monarch last (《孟子》的《尽心章句下》:民为贵,社稷次之,君为轻). That’s the politics of China. You can be a dictator, a one party, monarch, duchy, or whatever, as long as you put People first. If you do not put the People first, people will uprising and overthrow you. If you are crowned, you bear the responsibility for the people. You don’t need to inherit any noble blood. All you need is for the people and lead people to overthrow a tyrant, and then you are in power. This happened time and again in the Chinese history.

China will never fall because China is the collective will of the People. It is different from the West that everyone is for his own interest is legitimized. China has the value that everyone is responsible for the society as a whole. Chinese civilization emphasizes responsibility while the West emphasize on power and interest.

The Western people always ask Chinese why they allow one party system to run the country. The answer is that one party system is the best way to shoulder the responsibility for the People. The slogan of the Chinese Government is “Serving the People”.

China is the only Humanist civilization. If China falls, Human Being destroys himself. The other powerful civilizations are monotheism civilizations, they hope Human be destroyed so they can go to the haven. For Chinese, the People is the Haven. Chinese don’t need the Doom Day to go to haven. We are living in the Haven Here and Now if we respect and help each other.

China will never fall. China is the hope and future of Human Being.