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In the Name of National Interest

Xiaoming Guo 郭晓明


On May 8th, 2023, Canada expelled a Chinese diplomat Zhao Wei, on the allegation that Zhao was involved in a plot to intimidate MP Chong and his relatives in Hong Kong. An allegation is a claim without conclusive evidence or proof. Acting on an allegation in international relations is rude. This move just shows that the Canadian parliament and politicians are unprofessional. Treating affairs of national importance based on allegations without evidence and proof is turning parliament into a kindergarten playground. Even commoners of individuals or households would not make a decision without evidence or proof. Making decisions based on allegations without evidence and proof is irresponsible and moral corruption.

Expelling a Chinese diplomat is the climax of the “China’s interference” show in Canadian politics. The show began on November 7, 2022, when Global News published a story about “China’s interference” in the 2019 election. The keys in the report are two magic words: source, and allegation. An anonymous source made an allegation. The two magic words enable media to make up a story and deny any responsibility, to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The source is protected so the public doesn’t know who made the allegation. An allegation is a claim without inclusive evidence and proof. Using these two magic words, the media can spread any rumor or fake story without the responsibility to provide any evidence. Then opposition in the parliament asked Trudeau government to act on the allegation. This is a purely political show to Washington that Canadian politicians are loyal followers of the military-industrial complex and a show of propaganda declaring China as Canada’s enemy. The opposition attacking Trudeau’s government is, of cause, violating the principle of the rule of law. It granted an allegation as a “fact” and act on this “fact”. In due process, the investigation should be first to verify the allegation, and the burden of the proof should be on the one who made this allegation. The politicians are the elites of society. They should have this common sense of due process. Yet they turned the Canadian parliament into a theater for a performance show, ignoring the principle of the rule of law. They have no intention to protect Canada from foreign interference because all their rhetorics are focused on the fake story of “China interference”. Half a year passed, and no conclusive evidence to support the story of China interfering in the Canadian 2019 election. But this does not prevent the media continue to make up new fake stories with the two magic words, and does not prevent politicians from barking at the wrong tree. If the politicians are serious about protecting Canada from foreign interference, they should verify or falsify the allegation first. They don’t. They let the fake stories afloat. Between the 2019 election story the MP Chong’s story, there are stories of China’s police station, a donation to the Trudeau Foundation, and some others, always with the two magic words, and always treating allegations as facts. In between, the media reported a “whistle-blower”, the “leaker”, revealing nothing new of what the media already reported, and no evidence and proof of the allegations. Instead, the “leaker” risked his or her life to tell the public that evidence is classified and the public should not know the evidence of the allegation, making the “China threat” sounds more dangerous and serious.

The US Army recruiting ad says, “As a PSYOP Soldier, you’ll work in small teams to execute missions around the world. It will be crucial that you create a human connection with leaders and civilians — relationships necessary to influence their beliefs and actions. You’ll also use social media, digital marketing, and pamphlets to share information meant to help change minds and behaviors in the U.S. Army’s interest”. More than half a year of “China’s interference” affair in Canadian politics seems a result of a PsyOp performance to propaganda for the US Indo-Pacific operations.

The Sino-Canadian relationship has been rapidly deteriorating since December 2018 when Canada arrested Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Huawei. The case is about a business transaction in Hong Kong, violating no international law and no local law. The only suspension is that Meng violated the US sanction against Iran. It is the US that signed the Iran Nuclear Deal and breached international law to sanction Iran. Later Canadian court concluded Meng is innocent even according to the US sanction. The rapid deterioration of the Sino-Canadian relation is not because China is hostile to Canada, but because Canada yielding to the US hegemony doing the US’s bidding. After China released the two Micheals and Canada released Meng, there was a chance to resume a friendly Sino-Canadian relationship. Yet Canada never admits the wrongdoing of arresting Meng. Instead, Canada high light the two Micheals cases to put salts into the wound of the Sino-Canadian relationship. Canada shows an imperialist attitude towards China, pretending that Canada can treat China as its colony. Canada supported separatists in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Taiwan as part of the US Indo-Pacific strategy, namely, the surprising China strategy. Yet Canadian media and politicians accuse China of the crime Canada committed towards China: foreign interference. MP Chong sponsored the committee accusing China’s “genocide” in Xinjiang, a brutal interference in China’s domestic affairs. What is the “genocide” in Xinjiang? The same magic word: allegation. Allegation without inclusive evidence and proof. Yet Canada doesn’t need evidence and proof. As an imperialist, Canada just wants to prevent China’s development, even at the expense of Canadian economic interests. Canada just wants to be a running dog for the US military-industrial complex.

The worsening Sino_Canadian relationship does not come suddenly. The 2008 financial tsunami was a big shock to the world order. The myth about dollar hegemony is fading. In 2009, Obama launched the pivot Asia, letter changed to Asia-Pacific rebalance, further changed to the Indo-Pacific strategy, aimed at China, hopping to sacrifice China to save the US hegemony, repeating the 1840 Opium War history of sacrificing China to save the financial crisis in London. Canada follows Washington to contain China. Canada joined the TPP to structure an economy excluding China. Canada led the CPTPP even after Trump exited TPP. Canada sent warships to Taiwan Strait, the South China Sea, and the East China Sea. Canada supported separatists in Hong Kong 2019 riot, Tibet and Xinjiang. MP Chong’s “Xinjiang genocide” claim is actually supporting the terrorist groups of the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement as the “genocide” narrative was manufactured by the terrorist group. The 2022 “China interference” story actually originated from the Hong Kong separatists’ cell in Canada.

China advocated an international relationship of no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation. Canada follows Washington opting towards conflict, confrontation, demonizing China, and playing the lose-lose game of economic decoupling with China. Since 2008, China build a network of high-speed railways, eliminated poverty in China, become the largest manufacturing country and largest trading country, and contributed to the world’s growth the most. By playing the lose-lose game of decoupling with China, the Canadian economy stagnated since 2008 and enter an era of inflation. Since March 2023, banks in the US collapse one after another and the US government is risking default. At this uncertain critical moment, Canada decided to expel a Chinese diplomat, to show the political will of sinking Canadian economy with the collapse of the dollar. Canada is a developed county with rich resources and advanced technology. Canadians should have a life better and better. Yet Canadians are now facing inflation and housing affordability, with increased homeless and violent crimes, and reduced living standards. Canada does not have an independent foreign policy. Washington dictates policy for Canada. Canada is doing a favor for the US hegemony at the expense of Canadian national interest.