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Partap Dua Singh: A Man of Kindness and Ambition Dedicated to Serving Toronto

Dr. Shaoren Gou

World Chinese Media


In the bustling city of Toronto, there is a mayoral candidate who stands out not only for his ambitious plans but also for his unwavering dedication to helping those in need. Partap Dua Singh, a compassionate individual with a background in finance and business, has become a beacon of hope for many in the community.

Partap Dua Singh at Lively Debate for Toronto’s Mayoral By-Election, May 27, 2023

Roger Martin, a  friend of Partap Dua Singh, spoke highly of his character, emphasizing his genuine kindness and selflessness. “Partap is a really good man, very kind-hearted. He constantly strives to help people and make a positive impact in their lives,” Roger expressed with admiration. He recounted a personal experience when Partap extended a helping hand, pulling him off the streets, providing food and support. It is these acts of compassion that have earned Partap the respect and admiration of those around him.

On June 20, 2023, Partap Dua Singh demonstrated his commitment to serving others by going out of his way to help a lady in jail. Despite the demands of his own campaign, Partap rushed to Burlington to assist her in court, becoming her sole source of support. This selfless act further exemplified his dedication to helping those in need, going above and beyond to ensure their well-being.

Partap Dua Singh’s journey to Canada began in 1994 when he arrived to pursue an MBA in finance at the prestigious Schulich School of Business, York University. Prior to that, he obtained his first degree in economics and political science in India. After working in the telecom industry, Partap ventured into the investment banking sector on Bay Street in Toronto, where he excelled as an analyst and portfolio manager.

Driven by his ambition and a desire to address the shortcomings he observed in Canadian society, Partap decided to enter the realm of business. He launched his own publishing business, distributing newspapers to nearly 100,000 households. Additionally, he ventured into the furniture industry and even entered the construction sector, building new houses.

Recognizing the issues faced by Canadians on a daily basis, Partap felt compelled to make a difference and became involved in politics. In 2005, he founded his first political party, the United People’s Party of Canada. He ran for Parliament in 2006, challenging the incumbent John McCallum, then the defense minister, in the electoral district of Markham.

Partap’s campaign resonated strongly with the Chinese community in Markham, which comprises a significant percentage of the population. His promise to offer an apology to Chinese Head Tax suffering families garnered attention and influenced the government’s subsequent decision-making process.

As a candidate for Mayor of Toronto, Partap Dua Singh has put forth a comprehensive platform aimed at addressing key issues in the city. His plans include the dismantling and replacement of the Toronto Police, the introduction of a Direct Democracy government, the provision of 100,000 Green Units for young people and seniors within six months, the installation of 2,000 public washrooms across Toronto, free transit across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the elimination of red tape, and the restoration of respect for taxpayers.

Notably, one of Partap’s immediate priorities is the lack of accessible public washrooms in the city. To tackle this issue, he pledges to install 2,000 public washrooms throughout Toronto, ensuring that every neighborhood has convenient access to clean and safe facilities.

Partap Dua Singh’s vision for Toronto is one of transformation and sustainability. He envisions a thriving city that embraces innovation, empowers communities, and prioritizes environmental preservation for future generations.

With his kind-heartedness, ambition, and dedication to serving others, Partap Dua Singh offers a refreshing perspective in the political arena. As the mayoral campaign unfolds, Toronto residents eagerly await the opportunity to elect a leader who truly understands their needs and is committed to building a brighter future for all.