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Zhang Weiyong Honored with Global Outstanding Chinese Award for Pioneering Sino-US Educational Exchanges

Boston, February 10, 2024 – Canada & World Report-On January 13, 2024, in a star-studded ceremony held at the Montalban Theatre on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Zhang Weiyong, the lead expert of the Elite US Visiting Scholars J1 Visa Program, was awarded the prestigious “Global Outstanding Chinese Award” during the 11th Annual Chinese American Spring Festival Gala and Global Outstanding Chinese Award Ceremony. The event, jointly hosted by the Golden Tripod Fund and Hollywood’s municipal government, celebrated Zhang’s significant role in fostering Sino-US educational exchanges.

Attended by distinguished guests, including US Congresswoman Judy Chu and the Mayor of Hollywood, the ceremony recognized Zhang’s pioneering efforts in enhancing cultural and educational exchanges between China and the United States. Serving as the CEO of Elite International and the lead expert of the Elite US Visiting Scholars J1 Visa Program, Zhang received accolades from the local Chinese American community for his innovative approaches.

The organizing committee commended Zhang for his exceptional business insight and unique life journey, stating, “Mr. Zhang Weiyong, a young and successful entrepreneur of modesty, has achieved remarkable success through his exceptional business insight and unique life journey.”

Zhang’s leadership of the Elite US Visiting Scholars J1 Visa Program, renowned for its high success rate and cost-effectiveness, has established it as a pivotal platform for educational and cultural exchanges between the two nations. The program’s outstanding contributions were further recognized at the 2023 International Online Education Conference, where it was honored as the “2023 International Education Innovation Brand.”

Zhang Weiyong was individually acknowledged as the “2023 Education Industry Influential Figure” at the same conference, highlighting his significant impact on the educational sector and commitment to fostering global understanding through innovative programs.

Reflecting on the “Global Outstanding Chinese Award,” Zhang expressed profound gratitude, saying, “I am profoundly honored by the recognition and encouragement. This honor reflects our team’s collective efforts at the Elite US Visiting Scholars J1 Visa Program and motivates us to strive for continued excellence.”

Inspired by his own experiences as a visiting scholar at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Zhang established the Elite US Visiting Scholars J1 Visa Program to promote Sino-US educational and cultural exchanges. He has since collaborated with esteemed universities across California, North Carolina, New Jersey, and beyond to broaden international perspectives and contribute to the enrichment of Sino-US exchanges.

In his acceptance speech, Zhang affirmed his commitment to supporting more young Chinese individuals in seizing visiting scholar opportunities in the US, emphasizing the importance of fostering grassroots friendships and enriching Sino-US exchanges.


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